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My name is Alicia and I am the Penny Princess.  I am 20-something, have a husband (Shawn) and we have four kids total. There are three boys; 10 (CC), nine (AS), and four (BC) and one girl (MM) who is five going on 25.  She thinks she rules the house but we all know I’m in charge around there.  I am newly a stay-at-home mom and loving it!

I started couponing when MM was born 10 weeks early.  I was working full time until she was born and I stayed home to take care of her while my ex-husband worked.  I wanted to be able to contribute to my family in another way besides a job; that’s when couponing came in to play.  A family friend saw a segment on Oprah about Coupon Mom and she told me about all of these things she was able to get for free or close to it.  I started looking around on her site and found other sites to look at and went all out with it!  I found my niche, I loved it.  I finally started my own blog in 2009 as a one place to visit to get all the information you would need to save money.

In 2010 I closed down Penny Princess due to some family problems and going through a divorce.  It was a very hard decision but I needed to learn how to be a single mom and learn how to be alone again. Trying to manage the blog and my personal life was too much for me to do at that time.

I started couponing again after watching the Extreme Couponing show and “made” my husband watch it with me and he did not believe it could be done.  As we all know it was not all real but I started showing him things that were real and I showed him what we could do for our family.  He was amazed to say the least and he is always with me when we go shopping and there are even times when he will go by himself to get our great deals! 

I am so glad to have Penny Princess open again!  Please do not hesitate if you have any questions!

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